The Kitty Cat

 When Brad was about 5 years old, his dad bought a little kitty cat snowmobile. Brad and his sister had many great days riding this through the snow on the family's farm and around the yard at their house in Romeo, MI. They rode the little thing probably until they were about 12 years old! It has a 60cc engine and goes about 8 mph tops. It has trouble if the snow is really deep (8" or more could be a problem to get through the first time). They were built from 1972 all the way up to 1999 with few major changes along the way.

1973 Magazine ad

Unfortunately, Brad's dad loaned out their kitty cat to a guy from his work who apparently destroyed the little snowmobile. Brad was disappointed his childhood kitty cat was lost, but still very interested in getting Owen and Ethan on a kitty cat. He decided to watch for them on eBay.  As luck would have it, around New Year's day Brad found one for sale on eBay right in Brighton!  The description was a little sketchy, but faced with no shipping fees, it seemed like a great one to go after! Brad won the auction and we brought the little kitty cat home with us. It did need a little work: It wouldn't start so Brad tinkered with the engine and cleaned the carburetor. The steering was messed up so that had to be addressed as well. Structurally the thing was pretty good. We have determined it is a 1979 model, so this little thing is nearly 30 years old! The hood was also cracked but you can still get new ones (which we did) and the seat was torn (duct tape took care of that).

Since we brought the little kitty cat home the kids have had an absolute blast riding it around our yard, in the school yard near our house, and even at Aunt Rhonda's house (who has 10 acres of hilly treed land to ride around on). We have not had any serious accidents or injuries on it yet. Ethan has ran head-on into a tree (that's what the front bumper's there for!) and Owen got a face full of pine needles when he rode too close to the pine trees in our back yard! Other than that, they have become quite good little snowmobile drivers!

Below are some pics and a video I made of the kids riding around the yard!


First day riding. I left the hood off because I had to keep adjusting things on the engine

Owen has become quite the confident driver!

Look at that concentration!

We made a few little jumps in the yard to make things interesting!

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