Cox Family Ore2Shore Trip 2009!

The Ore2Shore mountain bike race is held in August in the upper peninsula of Michigan near Marquette on Lake Superior. There are several races - 48 mile Hard Rock, 28 Mile Soft Rock, 4 mile Junior Rock and 1 mile Little Rock. The course is generally considered fast, starting uphill from the Lake and generally decreasing in elevation as you ride toward Lake Superior. You start in an old iron mining town called Negaunee and finish in Marquette near Lake Superior, hence the name Ore-2-Shore. See to learn more about this fun race!

Brad at mile 41 - getting his butt kicked by the course!

Owen and Brad getting ready for the start of Owen's race. Brad had just finished his 48 mile race.



Owen getting ready to start Owen heading for the finish line! Some kid and his dad were cutting Owen and Brad off throughout the race. Owen passed the kid near the end, but the kid's dad helped him pass Owen at the very end!

Ethan at the start of his race. The kid in the #46 shirt took off like a bat-out-of-you-know-what at the start! Ethan caught up to him though!

Ethan heading for the finish line!

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