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We are off to a snowy and cold 2009!

We started this year off by making a snow fort of course! Last year Dad planned to sleep in the one we built then (see 2008 pics), but it never happened because the fort melted before he could. This year, Dad was determined to sleep out in the fort. We built one in our front yard a mere 30 feet from the front door of our house! And Dad did not spend the night in the fort alone. He was joined by Owen and Ethan!

The fort in our front yard! What do the neighbors think? Who cares!


Owen and Ethan proud of their work!


Finishing digging out the inside!


We're ready for a break! Where are the sleeping bags?


About to settle in for the night, after a granola bar snack!


Are we sure we want to do this?


YES! We are sure we want to do this!

This is the best night of my life!


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