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Owen and Ethan had a busy and exciting 2007!

Owen in March in front of his first science project - all about magnets!

Ethan graduating from pre-school in May. Nice patriotic hat Ethan!

Owen and Ethan on the shores of Lake Michigan in July

Ethan on the 'Flying Bee' ride with mommy at the Armada fair in August

(The thrill is not the ride but the scary people operating it!)

Owen on the roller coaster at the Armada fair in August (4th car)

Monkey-see, Monkey-do at the San Diego Zoo!

Looking for seals, otters and sea weed on the Pacific ocean near San Diego

(There are seals on the rocks behind them)

Every kid's dream: Legoland Amusement Park!

Ethan and Owen on the 'frogger' bouncing ride at the Santa Monica Pier in California. Yes, Ethan is laughing here!





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